Presentation Skills for Individuals - open workshops

Speak Up! Speak Out! for Individuals - open workshops

Learn to speak up and speak out with Passion, with Pride and with Power. Impossible? Not at all. This affordable workshop provides you with the tips and techniques to become a better communicator.

We all need to be heard. At every stage of our lives we need to communicate: at work and at home, in meetings, at interviews or out in the community. Nerves never disappear completely but it is possible to get the 'butterflies flying in formation'.

The day is an introduction to public speaking and presenting and will provide a safe and supportive environment in which to practice speaking. Practical exercises will help to develop self-confidence and trust in the speaking process. There is nothing more empowering than speaking publicly with clarity and from the heart. It works whatever your level of skill or experience. The workshop is designed to teach, in a fast and fun way, the three core competencies for communicating as a "speaker and presenter" speaker; delivery, structure and material. You will learn easily and quickly:

  • The secrets of successful public speaking
  • The art of speaking without preparation
  • Preparing a speech and sourcing information
  • Delivering with confidence & impact
  • Presenting powerfully from the platform

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