Public Speaking Training for Schools


Speak Up! Speak Out! is an authorised program within the Performances for Schools program managed through the NSW Department of Education and Training.


Brief overview of training

The Speak Up! Speak Out! training model is available to schools to enable students to increase their personal capacity and confidence with verbal presentations. It also assists students in terms of communicating with potential employers, marketing their skills and enhancing their future employability.

Students learn how to


  • Speak with confidence and clarity
  • Think on their feet
  • Collect and use relevant information
  • Improve presentation skills & enjoy speaking in public
  • Present themselves at interviews
  • Understand the need for good communication skills within the world of work
  • Be better prepared for the workforce/work related learning placements


Each session includes


  • Impromptu speaking
  • Educational topics (1 or 2)
  • Speeches (with feedback)
  • All participants speak at least twice with feedback
  • Participants start to take over some of the roles such as leading an impromptu speaking session, giving feedback, introducing speakers.

Educational Topics


  • Overcoming nerves
  • Introducing a speaker
  • Speech structure
  • Making your point clearly and concisely
  • Body language
  • Using your voice for impact
  • Giving feedback
  • Enhancing your performance/stage presence
  • Leadership.

Speech Topics


  • ‘Me’ - who I am/where I come from
    Purpose: An opportunity for students to introduce themselves.
    A first talk with no preparation using a Past/Present/Future structure
  • Speak Up! Speak Out! on an issue/cause
    Purpose: to encourage an open, free speaking style on a subject which they feel strongly about.
    Encouraging the ‘passions’ and strongly held views to surface.
    Structure used: opening; body with three main points; conclusion.
  • Subject presentation/the world of work.
    Open choice: school subject, a sport, hobby, other interest, career/dream job.
    Purpose: to develop speech structure and to pull all the learning together for final talk.

Workshop options & prices

Prices are based on a maximum of 20 participants and one senior trainer per session.

  • Single 2 hour workshop - $300
  • Full day - $600
  • 3 x 2 hour workshops - $900


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