Interview Skills


The Interview Skills Workshops are tailored to adult or student requirements with tips and techniques so they can


  • Prepare for Interviews
  • View questions they might encounter
  • Tailor/personalise interviews
  • Increase their chances of success
  • Create a favourable impression
  • Handle difficult questions
  • Strengthen skills through mock interviews

Proposed workshop structure

All workshops are highly interactive and participative and delivered in such a way that the participants thoroughly enjoy themselves while learning and acquiring the vital interview skills needed for today’s workforce. Everyone receives verbal feedback.

Each session will include/cover


  • In-depth preparation
  • Questions and how to handle them
  • Panel/interviewer rapport
  • Appearance and body language
  • Mock individual interviews
  • Fundamentals of a strong interview
  • How to create the right impression
  • Voice control and expression
  • How to stand out/tailoring interviews
  • Panel interviews


Participants will have an opportunity to see which techniques work well and what impressions are being formed by watching interviews taking place and viewing different responses.

They are exposed to the type of questions that are most commonly asked and learn the vocabulary usually used in interview situations. Questions that can be anticipated and prepared for are discussed.

Because the participants are actively involved, they come away with a deeper insight into what is expected of them in an interview situation and what interviewers are looking for. This workshop is ideal for Year 11 pupils and school-leavers, but is appreciated and enjoyed by all ages. Adults looking for work find this workshop both valuable in information as well as a necessary confidence-booster.



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