Presentation Skills for Niu Movement

 December 2015, SpeakersBank trainer Allan Davies was invited to speak in Canberra at the ANU to board members and associates of the Niu Movement, an organisation dedicated to the empowerment of Pacific Islander communities and other minorities struggling with the transition into Australian life.

As members are called upon to deliver workshops on this content, his brief was to empower the participants to

Allan worked on a variety of presentation skills and techniques with the participants - the power of story to sell a message, note-free speaking, MC skills, personal dynamics and stage presence, persuasive speaking and of course - humour!

Allan says: "As a presentation skills trainer, I grew personally from the experience. I learnt of the profound sense of community that strengthens and guides them, honouring the fact that they are ancestors of a great people."

Allan still keeps in touch with the organisation and is delighted to report that the members continue to develop and grow their vision.

The board members wrote afterwards: 

Our board members and associates at Niu Movement are extremely grateful for having the opportunity to participate in the Presentation Skills Workshop delivered by Allan Davies recently. 

The new knowledge and techniques learned at the workshop has resulted in each member of our Board feeling more confident and prepared to deliver the range of training, seminars and presentations that we’re required to. 

Allan helped us to see the benefits to audiences and to ourselves in remaining our authentic selves in the presentation process, and has validated for us the importance of structured storytelling to engage our audiences.

We have already seen dramatic improvements to the speech-making of Board members and others from our community who participated. We look forward to the opportunity to learn more.