Effective Meetings


This workshop is designed for those running and/or attending meetings. It highlights the aspects of meetings which can be dealt with in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
This interactive workshop will combine learning about preparation, protocols and rules with aspects of delivery, confidence and structure for effective presentation of proposals and ideas. It highlights the things that everyone who attends a meeting can do to make them more efficient and effective. Self-assessment checklists will be introduced during the workshop.
To give participants an understanding of good meeting procedures, and equipping them with the strategies and techniques to make meetings more efficient and effective. 
Topics include:
o        Types of meetings
o        What makes a good meeting – including the skills of the chair and participants
o        Establishing the purpose of your meeting
o        Setting the agenda
o        Pre-meeting preparation
o        Rules and protocols – including proposals, motions and amendments
o        Chairing the meeting
o        Delivery, confidence, style of presentation at the meeting
o        Presenting ideas at the meeting
o        Identifying potential conflict and the ways to contain it
o        Outcomes and the purpose of the meeting
o        What contribution can individual attendees make towards meetings being more effective
o        Minute taking and the duties of the secretary/minute secretary