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SpeakersBank’s signature "product" is a flexible training module called Speak Up! Speak Out! It is a highly flexible model that can deal with a variety of participants, and it has been delivered to a wide range of audiences with greatly differing needs e.g. young people in schools re: employability; young people at risk of exclusion; service-users; local grass roots community activists; CEOs and trustees.

In an informal and entertaining way, it shows people how to:

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Effective Meetings


This workshop is designed for those running and/or attending meetings. It highlights the aspects of meetings which can be dealt with in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
This interactive workshop will combine learning about preparation, protocols and rules with aspects of delivery, confidence and structure for effective presentation of proposals and ideas. It highlights the things that everyone who attends a meeting can do to make them more efficient and effective. Self-assessment checklists will be introduced during the workshop.
To give participants an understanding of good meeting procedures, and equipping them with the strategies and techniques to make meetings more efficient and effective. 
Topics include:
o        Types of meetings
o        What makes a good meeting – including the skills of the chair and participants
o        Establishing the purpose of your meeting
o        Setting the agenda
o        Pre-meeting preparation
o        Rules and protocols – including proposals, motions and amendments
o        Chairing the meeting
o        Delivery, confidence, style of presentation at the meeting
o        Presenting ideas at the meeting
o        Identifying potential conflict and the ways to contain it
o        Outcomes and the purpose of the meeting
o        What contribution can individual attendees make towards meetings being more effective
o        Minute taking and the duties of the secretary/minute secretary

Interview Skills


The Interview Skills Workshops are tailored to adult or student requirements with tips and techniques so they can


Proposed workshop structure

All workshops are highly interactive and participative and delivered in such a way that the participants thoroughly enjoy themselves while learning and acquiring the vital interview skills needed for today’s workforce. Everyone receives verbal feedback.

Each session will include/cover



Participants will have an opportunity to see which techniques work well and what impressions are being formed by watching interviews taking place and viewing different responses.

They are exposed to the type of questions that are most commonly asked and learn the vocabulary usually used in interview situations. Questions that can be anticipated and prepared for are discussed.

Because the participants are actively involved, they come away with a deeper insight into what is expected of them in an interview situation and what interviewers are looking for. This workshop is ideal for Year 11 pupils and school-leavers, but is appreciated and enjoyed by all ages. Adults looking for work find this workshop both valuable in information as well as a necessary confidence-booster.



Presentation Skills for Individuals - open workshops

Speak Up! Speak Out! for Individuals - open workshops

Learn to speak up and speak out with Passion, with Pride and with Power. Impossible? Not at all. This affordable workshop provides you with the tips and techniques to become a better communicator.

We all need to be heard. At every stage of our lives we need to communicate: at work and at home, in meetings, at interviews or out in the community. Nerves never disappear completely but it is possible to get the 'butterflies flying in formation'.

The day is an introduction to public speaking and presenting and will provide a safe and supportive environment in which to practice speaking. Practical exercises will help to develop self-confidence and trust in the speaking process. There is nothing more empowering than speaking publicly with clarity and from the heart. It works whatever your level of skill or experience. The workshop is designed to teach, in a fast and fun way, the three core competencies for communicating as a "speaker and presenter" speaker; delivery, structure and material. You will learn easily and quickly:

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Public Speaking Training for Schools


Speak Up! Speak Out! is an authorised program within the Performances for Schools program managed through the NSW Department of Education and Training.


Brief overview of training

The Speak Up! Speak Out! training model is available to schools to enable students to increase their personal capacity and confidence with verbal presentations. It also assists students in terms of communicating with potential employers, marketing their skills and enhancing their future employability.

Students learn how to



Each session includes


Educational Topics


Speech Topics


Workshop options & prices

Prices are based on a maximum of 20 participants and one senior trainer per session.


Public Speaking Workshops for the Voluntary and Community sectors


The Speak Up! Speak Out! Voluntary and Community Sector programme is primarily for charities and community groups.

Particular focus of the training is working with:

Brief overview of training
Speak Up! Speak Out! workshops are designed to empower and build confidence with all forms of verbal communication

Participants learn how to
Each session includes
All participants speak at least twice and receive feedback

Workshop options 


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Our clients' feedback

 "It was a very useful and productive session for such a short space of time."
Lisa Smajlov, Community Development Worker, Rozelle Neighbourhood Centre

“It was amazing to see the achievement in such a short space of time."
Malalai Ebrahimi, KYDS (Kuring-gai Youth Development Service)

"Our organisation was looking for a short, punchy, interactive training session on public speaking for our experienced and already proficient marketing staff. We found exactly what we wanted with SpeakersBank. Everyone enjoyed the three hour workshop and we all left having learnt some simple but some important points. We also received good, constructive feedback about our personal style. It was well worth the investment".
Phil Williams, Westpac Helicopter Rescue Service
I want to speak in front of the class because of this workshop.
Pupil, Rouse Hill Anglican College.
My staff thanked me for the opportunity to attend your workshop and felt that they had benefited enormously from the experience.
John Owen – General Manager, Willoughby City Council
Thank you for providing us with such a well-structured programme. I saw our students develop in confidence and improve in their speaking.
Lyn Hinton – Head of Junior School, Rouse Hill Anglican College.
It was fantastic that you were able to fit an appropriately tailored session into our tight time constraints
Cate Purcell – Volunteer Co-ordinator, Powerhouse Museum
Many thanks for your practical hands-on workshop for volunteers at the PowerhouseMuseum. It was an informative, enthusiastic and interesting opportunity…. I am sure the skills they have gained will better equip them in the delivery of successful presentations
Deb Caples – Learning and Development Co-ordinator, Powerhouse Museum
Australia has a lot to learn from SpeakersBank – look out!
Edward Mazzoni, President of Chatswood Chamber of Commerce.